Write A Resume

Tips On How To Write A Resume

An outstanding resume is a crucial part of finding gainful employment. If you find yourself struggling to land a job, you may want to consider editing and sprucing up your resume. If you do not have one written already, now is the time to get started. Having a solid resume in hand allows you to showcase your professionalism and skills. This can greatly increase your chances of finding stable employment. If you do not feel confident about writing your own, use the tips in this article regarding how to write a resume.

First and foremost, consider the visual aspects of your resume. You need to make sure that your resume looks as professional as possible. Stick to black ink on white paper, as colorful font may seem too casual. If you prefer a hint of color, you can add a border or small accent to your resume. However, sticking to black or dark grey font is the best choice. Use simple, universally accepted fonts like Times New Roman, Calibri, or Arial. Anything else may come across as too casual or too flashy. Overall, keep the design of your resume as simple as possible.

In order for your resume to stand out, it needs to present memorable information to your potential employers. This is where a professional headline becomes very important. For your resume headline, use bold font in a larger size. Apply the font guidelines mentioned in the previous paragraph. A resume headline is typically centered on the page and is only on the first page of the resume. In most cases, a headline is just your name and professional status. For example, it may say ‘John H. Smith, CAPM’ if that is your title. If you do not have a professional status, simply write your name as your headline.

A strong summary or objective statement will make your resume stand out, too. Your objective statement is where you write your career goal or a summary of your skills. For example, you may write ‘CAPM seeking a full-time position in project management where I can apply XYZ skills’. This is just a very generic example, but you can find detailed examples by searching ‘resume objective sample’ online. Keep your summary or objective section short. One to three sentences is usually sufficient. If your statement is too long or contains run-on sentences, employers may only skim over it.

The rest of your resume is fairly straightforward. You will detail your work history in chronological order, and you will provide brief information about each position of employment. You may also add your educational history and professional skills to your resume. If you lack sufficient employment history, you may provide information about volunteer or internship work. This shows potential employers that you are eager to work hard. Use your preferred search engine to search for examples of resumes or resume templates. You can find great inspiration for formatting, information to add, and so on. Apply the tips found in this article on how to write a resume, and you can increase your likelihood of finding great employment.

Best Recruitment Companies

Helpful Advice When Choosing The Best Recruitment Companies

The business world is always looking for top talent and it isn’t always easy to find it. You have reluctant job seekers who aren’t sure which companies to trust, and you have overworked human resource departments sorting through many resumes. On top of that, nobody really likes the process of interviewing candidates all day long, which is why a new industry was born.

This industry that locates top candidates for specific jobs, many in the Fortune 500 category are recruitment companies. These are companies that specialize in hiring top candidates either right out of college or from different companies who want to make a changes. If you own a top company and need quality talent, you are going to have to trust a recruitment company to locate, recruit, interview and evaluate each potential employee. After this recruitment process is done, only then will they meet with the companies that fit a certain profile.

The best recruitment companies have developed all sorts of tests that determine who the best candidates might be for certain jobs. Not everybody is the right fit for a position, which is why big corporations pay top dollar to the right candidates. It is the job of the recruiter to find these candidates wherever they might be. It is tough hard work and non-stop pounding the pavement to locate these potential winners, otherwise you will lose the contract with the company.

As a company who is looking to hire only the best talent, you want to search for the best recruitment companies who have top quality reputations. In each city there are usually individuals who set themselves apart from others in the race to get the best candidates. These go-getters are considers recruitment experts, and they usually either work for themselves or as part of a larger organization of other highly skilled recruiters.

Even though it may cost you a lot to hire a recruitment firm, it can really pay off if you land the best talent. There is race right now in the country for big companies to get the best talent because it takes a lot of brainpower today in order to compete in the global business world.

In addition to the best recruiters being good at locating quality candidates here, they also must be adept at finding potential recruits from overseas. So many people from all over the world want to come here and work, and as a recruiter is can be a difficult chore trying to find the best from so far away.

You can get great advice about recruitment companies online because they are always in the spotlight whenever a top businessperson changes companies thanks to a recruiter. There is a lot to learn about the industry and so much helpful information if you want to be a recruiter yourself. This can be a lucrative field to join, but it takes time to succeed because you really need to work your way up and build those connections.

Recruiting is very popular today because there is a race to secure top talent. If you can get the best talent your company has a better chance at success. Thanks to the recruiter, you can feel confident you have a good group of employees working for you.

How To Hire Staff

How To Hire Staff For Restaurant Positions

If you are a restaurant manager, then you are already aware of how hard it can be to gather a really good team that runs smoothly and is able to move your business forward as expected. At times, it can be a trial and error process, but to be precise, the food industry service staff is one with a high turnover as most see this as a temporary occupation, or a job that is there to get them through. There are various ways in which you can ascertain that you are hiring the right staff. After you have announced the need to staff, there are a couple of things that you will need to know and ensure you do them if you want the best team working by your side. This article will teach you how to hire staff for the various restaurant positions or roles.

First, you need to make sure that you have already gone through their applications before you can interview them. As you go over the applications, it is important that you schedule the most experienced for the initial interviews and the less experienced for last.

The place you carry out the interview matters a lot. That said, it is important that you conduct the interview process in a place that will make the applicant more at ease. Such a place can be the dining room of your restaurant. Ideally, ensure there is a lot of space to avoid making the applicant feeling confined.

You should keep a keen look at the body language. Is the applicant clean and are they carrying themselves as expected? If they are dirty, wearing torn clothes and such unappealing things, then they are not the best candidates for the position.

It is also important that you ask carefully thought out questions during the interview. Ideally, get the applicant to elaborate on most of the answers they give you. Generally, there will be questions that do not need a lot of explaining, but most things can certainly be explained so that you can get a clear idea of how the applicant thinks and goes about things. You should take effective notes and ensure that you take note of anything that stands out with the applicant. This makes it easier to remember the candidate when making your final decision. Once you have collected the stack of applications with notes attached to them, you can then sit down and decide on who to pick and someone you would like to talk with more. From here, it is just a matter of narrowing down to the best picks and seeing how their training goes. However, it is important to keep a list of other potential people should this fail.

Every manager in a restaurant should be looking for ways in which they can costs and reduce the overheads. A great example would be reducing the expense of buying cooking oils and reducing burn liability. Now that you have learned how to hire staff for your restaurant, you can now put into practice what you have learnt and I hope you get the best team for your business

Active Vs Passive Candidates

Active Vs Passive Candidates: Why Companies Are Opting For The Active!

In the past, when it was asked by company managers to compare active vs passive candidates, the conclusion was reached that they would rather hire a passive candidate. Over the years, however, talent professionals have declared that 9 out of 10 times, they would rather opt for the active candidate as they provide a fresh outlook for the future. Active candidates can be found in every environment, and they’re actively pursuing new and innovative opportunities in the work industry. In fact, 71 percent of all adults are actively searching for a much better job and willing to try working with a new organization.

With that being said, it seems that the roles have become reversed– with good reason! Passive candidates were once the prized ponies of the industry as they represented a portion of the population that were skillful workers not seeking new employment since they were content with their jobs. However, modern workers that have become the so-called active candidates carry the torch as being the most proactive and skilled employees, therefore, becoming more sought after.

Top candidates have the belief that actively considering new job opportunities can help them advance their careers. The consistency of these types of workers has led recruiters to conclude that the future lies in the hands of the active workforce.

Active Candidates Are Cheaper To Recruit

It can get expensive to convince someone to leave a job they were content to begin with. In fact, 87 percent of all talent professionals support that passive candidates are expensive to recruit. Apart from the recruiting expenses, passive candidates generally expect to be paid more for their efforts if they leave a company. Additionally, it was found that only 28 percent of active candidates felt that a salary increase was necessary in order for them to consider a new job opportunity.

Active Candidates Embrace Change

Change is what makes the decision to take on a new job opportunity so hard for most people– especially passive candidates. The active candidates are ruled by the idea of change in their lives, and they embrace it. In addition, active workers have been found to have more passion than those that are content with their current jobs.

Active Candidates Aim To Please Employers

In a recently conducted survey, employers as well as talent acquisition leaders have found active candidates to have a higher motivational drive. Candidates that show interest and enthusiasm in their jobs are twice as likely to apply these attitudes in their skill sets, making them a much better employee.

When you consider active vs passive candidates, only 25 percent of employed individuals fall into the active category. Though in past years many companies have opted for passive individuals, it may be high time to re-evaluate the need for active workers in any organization. These are the future of our work industry and the people willing to show enthusiasm for change and innovation in the field of technology.